Channel Veeners

The Rustic Oaks Collection

The Rustic Oaks Collection  is a collection of smoked, aged and natural [...]

Dyed Pines

Dyed Pines Channel Veners has developed, with the current trends in mind, our [...]


Wood veneers are a whole world of different tree specie, log’s quality, [...]

AGED: The wood after a few winters

Aged is the new. This collection gathers veneers that face the special [...]

SOFT: Timeless veneers

Soft is a smart choice. Those veneers that are colourless and present [...]

RARE: Exclusive woods

Unique and special. RARE is a catalogue of the most exclusive and [...]

RAW: Deep into the material

Sophistication and roughness. Those who are looking for the rough expression of [...]

CHIC: The impossible wood

Yes, it is real wood. CHIC is a radical collection wood veneers [...]

EASY: Simply wood

An easy going selection of veneers. EASY is a collection of natural [...]