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Modified Eucalyptus Figured


In order to offer the most exclusive products, CHANNEL VENNERS owns knowledge to modify wood veneer. By means of this, special products such as Eucalyptus Figured can be SMOKED, THEROTREATED and also AGED to make it a masterpiece of veneer.


By smoking it, Eucalyptus Figured becomes darker and more contrasted. The result is an unexpected wood surface. Find more pictures of this finishing following this link.

Ageing is also an exclusive process developed by CHANNEL VENEERS that makes possible offering unique wood veneers to the customers. Ageing process defines a silver-grey wood surface which is less contrasted and less saturated. Pictures of this quality are shown in this link.

Thermotreatment is another technical modification of wood veneer developed by CHANNEL VENEERS. It makes possible an intermediate tone, softly contrasted and warmly coloured. The appeal of this wood surface can be seen in this link.

The veneer of Eucalyptus Quarter Cut Figured is a special product. It is mainly used for the highest decorative purposes. Therefore, the company usually produces it on demand. This means that it is possible to select the log before it is treated. Thanks to this, the customers of CHANNEL VENEERS can get up to 9.600 square meters of a single log of smoked Eucalyptus Figured. For further information on special products such as Smoked and Aged Eucalyptus Figured, please do not hesitate to contact directly with the company.

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CHANNEL VENEERS is the world's first veneer company by number of references. We offer hundreds of different wood surfaces that fit every project. We supply rare species, modified wood surfaces and exclusive decorative wood veneers for building, automotive, nautic and furniture sectors all over the world.