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SOFT: Timeless veneers

soft wood veneer

Soft is a smart choice.

Those veneers that are colourless and present ambiguous tones, soft wood grains and “cold colour” have been collected to shape this group of references that looks timeless. SOFT veneers don’t disturb light atmosphere and might easily be used for commercial spaces, museums and galleries.

The SOFT collection is clear, light and pure so that choosing a certain reference is a matter of refinements. Products under this collection are the result of a selection of species that are naturally light coloured such as maple, linden, birch, cherry or anegre. CHANNEL VENEERS also offers that species crown cut or quarter cut.

soft wood veneer


Shown above: Tulip Laguna | Tulip Hazelnut  | Tuip Emerald | Scratched Ash | Eucalyptus Nacar

Softness by technology.

Also other species with a stronger figure and darker colour might be founded in this collection. This became possible thanks to the process of bleaching and dyeing developed by CHANNEL VENEERS. Ash, oak and eucalyptus might be nearly white or fit the soft tones of maple or cherry.

Have a quickly look of the references listed under SOFT collection by clicking here.

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