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Wood veneers are a whole world of different tree specie, log’s quality, cut direction, treatment of the veneer and surface finishing. Despite of this, CHANNEL VENEERS presents its products according to different collections in order to help customers in their search of the wood surface that best fits to their interest.

EASY: Simply Wood


Under this collection you will find a wide range of natural and easy going woods. From light to dark, with straight grain or decorative patterns, any surface that simply looks like wood is here. This veneers are especially suitable for domestic spaces and furniture as well as public spaces related to quite contemplation such as museums or concert halls. More information might be founded following this link.

CHIC: The Impossible Wood


In opposition to the easy collection, CHANEL VENEERS offers deeply modified wood surfaces to satisfy those unprejudiced who are looking for newness, bright effects and surface sophistication. This collection fits perfectly to commercial spaces where the customer’s attention should be attracted by powerful and innovative decorations that make necessaries new materials, colours and finishes. For further information follow this link.

RAW: Deep Into the Material


Those who are looking for the raw expression of the material will discover the highest expression of wood in this collection. A selection of scratched surfaces, contrasted grains and exotic hard woods is offered for those chasing the “taste of wood”. More information on raw veneers here.

RARE: Exclusive Woods


Rare is a catalogue of the most exclusive and estrange woods provided by Channel veneers. Exotic species, special logs and technically modified veneers that show unexpected decorative effects. Burls, bird´s eyes and crotches as well as curly figures and semi-precious woods form part of this selection. Get more information about rare veneers following this link.

SOFT: Timeless Veneers


Desaturated and ambiguous colours, soft wood grain and “cold tones” have been collected to shape this collection of products that looks timeless. Soft veneers don’t disturb light atmosphere and might easily be used for commercial spaces, museums and galleries. Thse who look for light wood surfaces should read more about the SOFT collection.

AGED: the wood after a few winters


This collection gathers veneers that face the old wood special´s appealing. In many cases it is just despite of the knots and cracks of the original old wild trees. Other times it is because of the special luster and gray appearance that the wood earns over the time due to the action of UV light and water. For further information on aged wood veneers, just follow this link.

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CHANNEL VENEERS is the world's first veneer company by number of references. We offer hundreds of different wood surfaces that fit every project. We supply rare species, modified wood surfaces and exclusive decorative wood veneers for building, automotive, nautic and furniture sectors all over the world.