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Sycamore Figured


CHANNEL VENNERS proudly offers to customers an exclusive product: A log with nearly 2.000 square meter of A+ Sycamore Figured. This is an exclusive offer for selected customers. Do not hesitate to contact with CHANNEL VENEERS if you are interested on it.


The log currently offered at the CHANNEL VENEERS warehouse is an “extra quality” figured Figured. This means that there is a very strong image of the Frisse effect. The average width of the bundles is 14cms and full lengths are available. The log is 1.946,94m2 being perfect for special projects of the highest level.

Sycamore is a hardwood, also called Arce or Maple. It can be found in Middle Europe and West Asia. Sycamore wood veneer will accept stains and finishes well, but is most often finished with a clear coat that preserves the warmth and accentuates the colour and beauty of the wood’s natural grain.

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sicomoro frisse 01 sicomoro frisse 02 sicomoro frisse 03 sicomoro frisse 04 sicomoro frisse 05

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