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RAW: Deep into the material

raw wood veneer

Sophistication and roughness.

Those who are looking for the rough expression of the material will discover the highest sens of natural wood in this collection. RAW collection offers a selection of scratched surfaces, contrasted figures and exotic hard woods. Those who are looking for the authentic “taste of solid wood” will enjoy this selection.

Under the name of RAW it is possible to find classical woods such as pine, oak, chestnut or ash scratched: just as if they had come out of an old sawmill. This texture makes the final product much expressive and gives a fresh and renewed look to classical veneers.

raw wood veneer

Some of the products shown above: AshSapelle | Grissard | OakEucalyptus | Larch

A matter of species and finishings.

The RAW collection also assembles veneers with coarse grains and rough figures. It is the case of eucalyptus, grissard, etimoe, bubinga or elondo wood. Also rustic oak with knots and sapwood as well as olive ash are both presented in this group despite of its wild natural look.

The collection is completed by some shocking figures obtained thanks to smoking wood. That is the case of quarter sawn eucalyptus or larch logs. Also some rift cut oak logs might be founded in this group showing its nervous fleck rays.

raw wood veneer

References above: Cedar | Eucalytus Pommelé | Dyed Lati

For those who like real wood.

References under RAW collection fit specially well for commercial facilities, restaurant and countryside hotels where the sense of the natural material is desired. Get access to the scratched veneers by clicking here and see all the RAW veneers following this link.

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