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The Rustic Oaks Collection

The rustics collection

The Rustic Oaks Collection  is a collection of smoked, aged and natural oaks with a rustic feel. Today, architectural projects are in search of authenticity and sustainability, concepts that wood as a natural material, can easily answer to. That is why Channel Veneers is replying to the market trends with knots, cracks and other features that add character to veneers.

smoked rustic oak close up

smoked rustic oak close up

Oak is a versatile wood that can be beautifully transformed with different processes to highlight its natural characteristics. We can smoke it to darken its tones and reinforce contrasts. We can age it to imitate its natural aging and achieve silverish hues, or we can just enjoy the warmth of a natural oak.

rustic oak beams close up

rustic oak beams close up

We now present our different logs currently in stock. Some with a nice contrast brown-black, other with more variety of knots and cluster. Also, it is possible to prepare the logs live-edge for applications in which strong character and single sheet use is required.

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