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EASY: Simply wood


An easy going selection of veneers.

EASY is a collection of natural wood veneers that look just like regular wood. This veneers are especially suitable for domestic spaces and furniture as well as public spaces related to quite contemplation such as museums or concert halls.

EASY is a selection of classical wood veneers with natural appeal. It includes a wide range of wood species and finishings. Under this group of references you will find well known species such as pine, ash, oak, chestnut, birch or eucalyptus.

Example of easy going wood veneers

Products shown above: Chestnut | Smoked Beech | Olive Ash | Nacar Eucalyptus

Veneers that look just like natural wood.

At the EASY collection natural warm tones of wood are the most usual ones. Here you will be able to select natural wood veneers from the lightest ones to the darkest. Therefore, CHANNEL VENEERS includes dyed woods making possible to meet the exactly colour needed: from light brown veneers to nearly black wood surfaces.

In order to offer a wide range of decorative possibilities, the EASY selection is also comprehensive of fine grain woods as well as coarse grains. Also different directions fot cutting the log might be founded, allowing the chose of the exactly final texture of the veneer: from Crown Cut to Quarter Cut.

Easy veneers

Some of the references: Smoked Sapelle | Cedar | Smoked Larch | Fir Douglas | Frissé Eucalyptus

A wide range of options.

All likes and personal preferences will be satisfied within the products assembled in this collection. Have a look of the products under EASY collection by clicking on of the following categories: clear, dark, soft and hard.

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