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Dyed Pines

Dyed Pines

Channel Veners has developed, with the current trends in mind, our Dyed Pines Collection to enhance the beauty of natural wood veneer. Pines belong to the conifer species and grow slowly thus creating a fine structure with contrasting grain. It is native to the Northern Hemisphere and it grows locally in Spain.

Our pines come in several colours that will fit any project: bronze, hazelnut and slate black. The grain is highly contrasting so the beauty of the wood is preserved despite the dying process.

Bronze Pine

Bronze Pine (MBF 111)


Slate Pine (NAF 101)

We also have available other species such as ash, koto, tulipie, oak, eucalyptus, lati or the majestic poplar burl.

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Besides the different shades of grey or brown, we offer a wide variety of bold colours including reds, greens or even this year’s Pantone Ultra Violet. At Channel Veneers we can even develop colours to match your own. If you can imagine it, we can do it.