Channel Veeners


Silver rustic chestnut is our latest development. We have aged a reclaimed chestnut [...]

Eucalyptus Figured

There is something special at CHANNEL VENEERS warehouse. A log with more [...]

Modified Eucalyptus Figured

In order to offer the most exclusive products, CHANNEL VENNERS owns knowledge [...]

Sycamore Figured

CHANNEL VENNERS proudly offers to customers an exclusive product: A log with [...]

Knotty smoked Oak

Knotty smoked Oak Oak is a hardwood that shows a light to [...]

Poplar burls

Poplar burls Talking about Poplar burls means talking about luxury Wood veneer. [...]

Eucalyptus Pommele

Eucalyptus Pommele is probably the most beautiful and eye-catching Eucalyptus surface. It is [...]

Grissard Quarter Cut Fumé

This wood veneer is a rare and original natural wood surface. It [...]

Beech Crown Cut Fumé

Beech wood is a hard and clear natural material. Its grain is [...]

Eucalyptus Quarter Cut Frissé

Eucalyptus Globulus is also known as Blue Gum or White Eucalyptus. Its [...]