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Eucalyptus Finishing

Eucalyptus is a natural resource which is close to CHANNEL VENEERS industrial facilities in Europe. For that reason, the Company has been working hard for years to develop interesting new products on the basis of that local forests. The result of that large time of research and development is a wide offer of different veneers produced with eucalyptus logs.

Eucalyptus Cut

Any cut is possible

The company produces Eucalyptus in two different cuts. For those looking for straight grain, Quarter Cut logs are the right choice. Those looking for more decorative surfaces with visual protagonist, Crown Cut veneer fits better.

Eucalyptus Colour

Eucalyptus veneer: from clear to dark

CHANNEL VENEERS currently offers in its catalogue Eucalyptus veneers a wide range of tones. This offer is the result of having developed the technology of wood veneer bleaching and dyeing. As a result of that R&D work, the company shows veneers from white “nacar” to black “azabache” with also grey surfaces as “cinder”.

Eucalyptus Surface

From raw surfaces to silk appealing Eucalyptus veneers

For those customers looking for extreme textures, CHANNEL VENEERS offers exclusive possibilities. Eucalyptus veneer can be a sophisticated surface, as it is the glossy and smooth finishing of frisse. But this wood surface can also look rough. That’s the case of feelwood finishing where the surface of the veneer shows scratches, just as if veneer was a plank coming out of the sawmill.

Eucalyptus Finishing

Plain simple or sophisticated Eucalyptus wood finishing

Being close to the resource makes possible to choose the best logs. Therefore CHANNEL VENEERS is able to provide special Eucalyptus veneers. Wide bundles where the veneer sheets are over 50cms as well as sick logs with special looking like “pommele”.

Eucalyptus Specials

Technical woods: smoked, thermos-treated and aged Eucalyptus

In the search of newness, CHANNEL VENEERS has applied innovative techniques of wood surface modification to produce excusive products. The dark and contrasted surface of the smoked wood veneer offered under the commercial name of “fume” is an example of this. For those looking for a warm and sweet colour, thermo-treated Eucalyptus veneer might be a better choice. The Company also offers aged veneer for those uses and spaces where a unsaturated colour and natural look is preferred.

In addition to this, Eucalyptus is also a choice with ecological advantages. Note that it is a fast-growing hardwood. This means that this wood makes possible to get the advantages of hardness and durability, without paying the price of harvesting the existing forest for large periods of time.

CHANNEL VENEERS is the world's first veneer company by number of references. We offer hundreds of different wood surfaces that fit every project. We supply rare species, modified wood surfaces and exclusive decorative wood veneers for building, automotive, nautic and furniture sectors all over the world.