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RARE: Exclusive woods

rare wood veneer

Unique and special.

RARE is a catalogue of the most exclusive and estrange woods provided by CHANNEL VENEERS. They are all products of high added value: exotic species, special logs and technically modified veneers that show unexpected decorative effects. Despite of this, most of the products in this collection are simply unique.

In the RARE collection burls, bird’s eyes and crotches might be founded. Also curly and figured special logs from different species such as eucalyptus, sapelly or maple form part of this selection. It is also possible to find other species considered to be semi-precious such as Tineo, European walnut or Ziricote.

rare wood veneer

Shown above: Etimoe | Eucalytus Pomellé | Smoked Beech | Teak

Nature and technology.

It is not just a matter of natural rarities; the technique of smoking wood provides new references to the RARE collection. That’s the case of some certain logs of oak, sapelly, eucalyptus and maple. By smoking then that species reach a higher contrast and a glossy surface, showing beautiful and exotic decorative patterns which are impossible to imitate.

The references under the RARE collection are very much appreciated for decorative applications, from luxury furniture and decoration to jewellery and automotive. Have a look to the most usual references in this collection by following this link.

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