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Eucalyptus Figured


There is something special at CHANNEL VENEERS warehouse. A log with more than 9.600 square meters of extra quality (A+) Eucalyptus Figured wood veneer. The material offered is perfect for any big project demanding top quality figured material, good sequence and long veneers. Do not hesitate to contact with CHANNEL VENEERS if you are interested on it.


This is a unique log. It is highly figured and fiddleback type. It shows nice colour and it is consistent heavy figured. The average width is 27cm and nearly 10.000m2 are available with the same extraordinary quality. This makes possible to address a large scale project with a constant and extraordinary quality veneer.


The fiddleback figure gets its name because it’s very often used for the backs of violins. It is also known as crossfire. Fiddleback is most known to occur in Anigre and Sycamore being Eucalyptus one of the most beautiful wood veneers with fiddleback figure. The fiddleback figure of the Eucalyptus Figured is clearly visible as regular streaks running across the grain. The more regular the streaks, the more valuable the veneer. Therefore, the log offered by CHANNEL VENEERS is qualified as A+, as it heavily figured but also constant in colour and grain.


Moreover, the Eucalyptus Figured can be SMOKED and also AGED to make it a masterpiece of veneer. Get more info related to this special products following this link.



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