Channel Veeners

The first
veneer company
by number of references

About Us



We are a Spanish company specialised in production and distribution of natural wood veneers.

Our know how, professionalism and the trust our clients place on us have made the company world reference in the veneer business, with outstanding market share in the most demanding international markets.

We invite you to know us:

The Channel Veneers Factories

All the veneer we sell is sliced in our own plants. This allows us to make the most of a series of ADVANTAGES which are beneficial to our clients:

  • MORE CONSISTENCY: Each specie of veneer comes from one factory only with perfectly defined and controlled quality standards.
  • MORE FLEXIBILITY: In our factories we try to meet all the needs of our clients.
  • MORE RESOURCEFUL: We have clients for all by-products generated allowing us to offer at a better price the measurements /qualities most in demand.
  • MORE AND BETTER SERVICE: We are not obliged to rely on third parties when defining customer care priorities.


Main Data of Channel Veneers activity

Channel Veneers activity started in 2001 with 7,000,000€ turnover. Today Company´s invoice is nearly ten time bigger and continues to grow.

The number of references have been growing for the last ten years as a strategy to find a place in the international market by offering newness to the Customer. Channel Veneers proudly offers hundreds of references, most of them excusive from the Company. The know-how of CHANNEL VENEERS has made possible to be the world´s first veneer company by number of references.


Focused on the Customer Experience

In our central warehouse in Valencia we keep, on average, a stock of 4,000,000 m2 aiming to reduce as much as possible our delivery time.

Our warehouses are designed and managed so that inspections are fast. The warehousing system allows a speedy access to all the pallets. Other contributing factors are correct lighting and teams trained to handle the veneer fast and properly. In addition to this, the Company offers:

Valencia is one of the main European veneer markets, supplying every possible type of veneer. We place our market expertise at the service of our clients, locating for them reliable sources of special veneers, burls, etc.

International Expansion

International Expansion

CHANNEL VENEERS sells directly to the five continents and we are constantly expanding into new markets. We know well the main world markets and have a wide experience in dealing with all aspects of international activity.