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Registration and contact data

In accordance with the Company Information Service and Electronic Commerce Law (Ley de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico), Channel Veneers, S.L., as owner of  the,  web, hereunder outlines its registration and contact data:

– Fiscal No.: B-15705965
– e-mail:

This web site uses cookies to obtain information of visits, as well as using the information between the different modules therein, so that the user does not have to register repeatedly. Nevertheless, should the user not require cookies to be installed then it is possible to configure the browser and so avoid their use without either alteration or modification resulting in the use of this web site.

Intellectual property rights

In accordance with the Royal Legislative Decree (Real Decreto Legislativo) of 1/1996, of 12 April), which approves the Intellectual Property Law, regulating, clarifying and reconciling the current stipulations and the concordant sector legislation, please note the following:

CHANNEL VENEERS is owner of all the intellectual and industrial rights of its web page, including labels, logos, distinguishing marks of any type, images, texts, software, etc.

All rights reserved. Articles 8 and 32.1, paragraph two, of the Intellectual Property Law, expressly prohibit the reproduction, distribution and public dissemination either in part or in its totality of the contents of this web page, with commercial ends, in any medium or by any technical means, without the express authorisation of CHANNEL VENEERS.

Exemption of guarantees and responsibilities

CHANNEL VENEERS cannot in any case be held responsible for any damages or liabilities of any nature that may be occasioned by content errors or omissions, lack of availability of the website, virus transmission, malicious or harmful programs in the contents even after having taken all the technological measures necessary to prevent it.

In the same way, CHANNEL VENEERS cannot be held legally bound by the information and contents of the web page, this being a service offered merely of a disseminate and Informative nature.

With regard to the links available on this page, CHANNEL VENEERS will not exercise any type of control whatsoever, nor be in any way responsible for the contents nor for the availability of technical means, quality or veracity of the information contained in the said links.


CHANNEL VENEERS reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to its website and/or to the services offered therein without prior warning to those users who do not comply with these conditions. CHANNEL VENEERS may at any time modify the conditions outlined herewith, being duly publicised herein. CHANNEL VENEERS will exercise its right to take civil or legal action if the present conditions are not adhered to or if there is any unauthorised use of its web page.