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Poplar burls


Poplar burls


Talking about Poplar burls means talking about luxury Wood veneer. It is a clear wood surface showing fine grain texture and very decorative figure. Burls are tight and tiny which makes possible to use this veneer for small pieces and decorative details. Due to its eye-catching look, it is suitable for musical instruments, automotive finishing and other luxury final uses.

Poplar is a tree growing in the north hemisphere, usually placed near to rivers. It is a lightweight wood, soft and not durable. Therefore, it is mainly used for light construction boards such as plywood. Selected trees with knots, bird eyes and burls are very appreciated considering their decorative use.


In addition to the natural beauty of Poplar burls, CHANNEL VENEERS has also developed the modification of this material. Because of this process, the wood gains a silver surface. The silvered poplar burls are an exclusive product of the company that fits with glamorous finishings and designs.


CHANNEL VENEERS offers currently the highest quality Poplar burls veneer. The customers can find both natural and silvered veneer in their warehouse. If you might be interested in this exclusive offer, please contact with the company for further information.

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