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Grissard Quarter Cut Fumé

Quarter Cut Poplar Grisard Fumé

This wood veneer is a rare and original natural wood surface. It is mostly used for luxury decorative applications for furniture and panneling. Grissard Quarter Cut Fumé is also demanded by sectors of high added value such as automotive and nautic. The decorative value of this product is easy to recognize. The colour and texture of the wood surface is specially warm and glossy, while the figure is straight and well structured.

Quarter Cut Poplar Grisard Fumé

A curious tree

Grissard poplar is native to Iran. This species was introduced to Europe by Napoleon Bonaparte in the mid eighteenth century. Although it is easy to work, it is not a durable wood, it is not hard nor tough. For this reason its main use is decorative, mainly in the form of wood veneer. When making veneer, Quarter Cut is usually selected in order to provide a clear structure and a straight grain.

Quarter Cut Poplar Grisard Fumé

The smoking process for a higher decorative value

The natural color of the wood unattractive as it presents a clear, pale gray surface. CHANNEL VENEERS however provides a warm, contrast and shiny finish. This quality is the result of an exclusive smoking treatment company, a process called smoked. With this technology it is possible to offer a product that is as natural as innovative. Grissard Quarter Cut Fumé is an outstanding decorative wood veneer to be used in the most luxurious and select settings.

Quarter Cut Poplar Grisard Fumé

Grissard Quarter Cut Fumé in production

As shown in the pictures above, CHANNEL VENEERS currently produces Grissard Quarter Cut Fumé with almost no limitations in formats or amounts. Beautiful logs might be find in the company’s warehouse. For further information on this reference or any other luxury wood veneer, please contact directly with the company.

Cities - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

IUCN - International Union for Conservation of Nature

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