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Smoked Larch veneer at Finca Montesqueiro

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Luxury Veneer: Quater Cut Smoked Larch

Finca Montesqueiro is a luxury venue for private events and celebrations in La Coruña (Spain). The resort opened in 2014, after the complete renovation of a former country house. Currently offers an exclusive environment for social and corporative events. The facility can host up to 400 people in the main room, a lounge where 85.000 gilded metal bars offer a unique atmosphere.

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Finca Montesqueiro is a place where sophistication is perceived in every detail and where CHANNEL VENEERS provides exclusiveness throughout wood veneers. Its priviledged location in front of the sea and surrounded by a gorgeous garden, enhances its modern architecture built with superb quality materials. The architects responsible for the new design select bronze metal details and veneered Larch surfaces to be the protagonists of the inside decoration.

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Wood veneer used with refinement

For this project the designer decided to use Quarter Cut Smoked Larch veneer in all the public spaces. The veneer was used in a very innovative way: panels tilted to achieve an original effect. This original solution, in addition to the enhanced contrast between heartwood and sapwood due to the smoking process, is indeed eye-catching.

Thanks to the use of smoked Larch, the interior looks warm and glossy. The smoking process makes possible a wood surface with a darker and sweeter tone. Also the luster of the natural veneer is increased thanks to this treatment. The sophisticated wood surface is part of the appealing look of Finca Montesqueiro.

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A wood that combines with gold

The effect of luxury and refinement is intensified with the use of this wood veneer in combination with gilded metals such as bronze, brass and copper. This is the case of the door handle of the main entrance, a sculptural piece which was molten in solid bronze. Also the gilded incrustations that cross the decorative panels contribute to the special atmosphere of the facilities being present all along the spaces, from the lobby to the garage.

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Cities - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

FSC- Forest Stewardship Council

IUCN - International Union for Conservation of Nature

 PEFC - Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

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