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Architecture and Industry: the Eames Cards

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In 1953 architects Charles and Ray Eames designed a toy by printing paper cards with colourful images. The pieces had cuts that would fit with each other, thus creating a 3D puzzle. That easy toy is today part of the MOMA’s collection in New York. It is also an example of the positive collaboration between architects and industry to develop new products. A collaboration which is very well represented by the Eames’ work.

The new edition of Eames Cards

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60 years after the Eames Cards launching, CHANNEL VENEERS produced a new edition of that toy. The objective was to show the colourful catalogue of references that the Company offers. It was presented at the International Seminar “Architecture and Industry”. The professional encounter was held in Madrid in 2014 and directed by internationally known Spanish architect Francisco Mangado.

100% wood veneer Eames Cards

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Products shown above: Smoked Sapele | Olive Ash

The new Eames Cards have been made without printing pictures. They are just wood veneer surfaces. It has been possible to achieve variety by selecting and modifying natural wood. It is just thanks to the technology that CHANNEL VENEERS owns, that it is possible to have so many different wood surfaces.

All the cards are different

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Products shown above: Smoked Grissard | Yellow Beech | Eucalyptus Frissé | Dark Ash

Moreover, in contrast with printed surfaces, Wood veneers are always different one from another. As it is a natural material, it is impossible to find two identical sheets of wood. All the surfaces are slightly different.

To produce and to transform

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Scratched products shown above: Grey Ash | Dark Ash | Smoked Eucalyptus | Rustic Oak

CHANNEL VENEERS offers a wide range of products thanks to the innovative technology to produce and modify natural wood veneer. Bleaching, dyeing, ageing, smoking, scratching or thermo-treating are just some of the chemical and physical transformations of natural wood veneer that the company has developed in the last years.

Architecture and Industry

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Some of the products shown above: Sapelle Fumé | Ash Grey | Yellow Beech | Eucalyptus Frissé

The Company is aware of the importance of technology in the development of new architectural products. Therefore CHANNEL VENEERS collaborates close to architects and designers with the aim of being able to supply the right wood veneer for any purpose.


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