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Aged Eucalyptus Pommelé


CHANNEL VENEERS proudly presents a very singular offer. For sure one of the most exclusive natural veneer products in the market: The Aged Eucalyptus Pommelé veneer. The singular look of this wood surface makes it distinct from any other wood veneer. It is grey coloured and it shows a rare figure.


By means of CHANNEL VENEERS know-how and experience; now it is possible to join the technological sophistication of veneer aging technique, to the exclusivity surface look of eucalyptus pommelé wood. The result is an outstanding product, a veneer that is different and exclusive. Something special suitable for the most exquisite interiors and woodwork.


Only one in a thousand trunks has such a special and eye-catching figure showed by Pommelé Eucalyptus. Moreover, only CHANNEL VENEERS offers the most valuable Pommelé logs: Over 3.10 meters length logs showing the highest surface quality and the widest sheets. No matter what your needs are, at the warehouse of the Company you will find logs that fit your needs in terms of length, figure and surface. Have a look to the special logs offered by CHANNEL VENEERS with sheets up to 60cms wide.


Eucalyptus is generally light brown wood with a ripple effect in the grain. The ageing thechnique makes possible to present a grey surface boosting the natural contrast of the figure. Note that the rare pommele figure creates a dense pattern of dark “puddles” on the surface of the veneer which looks both extrange and exotic. This is a highly decorative veneer that is prized for used in highest evel furniture, cabinetry, and architectural paneling. For more information, please contact to CHANNEL VENEERS or follow this link.

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