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White Walnut Crown Cut

Crown Cut White Walnut

White Walnut is also known as Spanish Walnut or Butternut. It is lighter and more contasted than the well known Black Walnut. The commercial potential of Butternut’s edible fruit (nuts) is generally regarded as being more valuable than its lumber or veneer. Moreover, this specie is currently no longer planted in Europe and therefore the wood veneer of White Walnut is noways a rare product. Therefore, White Walnut Crown Cut can currently only be produced with wild trees. For that reason this wood veneer is full of vagaries of nature. This is the case of the drawings made by the sapwood along the tree lenght due to the natural bending of the log.

Crown Cut White Walnut

White Walnut Crown Cut: a noble wood

Walnut is a hard, durable and resistant wood. The wood also has good dimensional stability, shock resistance, and strength properties. It is also very much apreciated for been easy to work with. White Walnut also presents a higher luster than the usuall Black Walnut and of course, it is much lighter than that specie. In contrast with the American Walnut, the White one presents a pale and goldy tone both in the sapwood and the heartwod. Due to its decorative value, this veneer is mainly used for furniture, cabinetry, interior paneling, turned items, and other small wooden objects.

Crown Cut White Walnut

White Walnut Crown Cut by CHANNEL VENEERS

As shown in the pictures above, CHANNEL VENEERS selects the best logs of White Walnut Crown Cut. This makes possible to provide wide bundles in full lengths, most of them over 3.10 meters. The veneer of White Walnut Crown Cut is a product that fits to many different decorative purposes. Therefore, the company usually offers different bundle sizes and qualities. Please, Don’t hesitte to contact directly if you are looking for a certain amount or an special quality of this product.

Cities - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

IUCN - International Union for Conservation of Nature

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