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Valsaín Pine Crown Cut Aged

crown cut aged valsain pine

Aged woods are currently a trend in nearly all the decorative applications. As veneer becomes mostly grey and is colourless, Valsaín Pine Crown Cut Aged is easy to combine with other colours avoiding conflicts. More over, the aged effect also provides authenticity to the decorative surfaces showing that they have been made with a natural material. The aged finishing is well known as a sign of authenticity the prime material which can only be real natural wood.

crown cut aged valsain pine

Valsaín Pine is a wood which is light and soft. It has a light brown colour, its grain is straight and regular, but it is considered to be only slightly durable. Its texture looks classical and is easy to work. Therefore is appreciated for inside carpentry and wood transformation industry. Aged finishing makes it suitable for decorative purposes in commercial spaces.

The technology of ageing Valsaín Pine Crown Cut Aged

In 2014 CHANNEL VENEERS has launched an innovative process to transform natural wood veneer. This technique makes possible to produce a final wood suface that looks as if it were old. The Aged Valsaín Pine is a natural veneer where the timber has lost its warm colour becoming a clearer grey. Aged Pine is also glossier than the regular Pine so that it might be described as a “silver grey”. Aged Pine just looks as if it were exposed to the sun and the rain during a large period of time. The final surface colour is also special as it changes deppending on the lighting conditions.

crown cut aged valsain pine

As shown in the pictures above, CHANNEL VENEERS currently produces Valsaín Pine Crown Cut Aged with almost no limitations in formats or amounts. For further information on this reference or any other aged wood, please contact directly with the company.

Cities - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

IUCN - International Union for Conservation of Nature

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