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Reclaimed Chestnut

reclaimed chestnut 3

Chestnut in English, châtaigne in French or castaño in Spanish… all names for a tree that belongs to the family of oak, and therefore its resistance and its light brown timber are sometimes confused. However, the chestnut log we are working with here, at Channel Veneers, is unique. This reclaimed chestnut has evenly spread wormhole that confers a rustic look. 500 sqm of veneers that can be smoked if requested and with lengths that run up to 3.7meters.

reclaimed chestnut 1

Enjoy natural wood with a twist. We offer veneers for different projects. Contact us and we will find the right one for you.

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CHANNEL VENEERS is the world's first veneer company by number of references. We offer hundreds of different wood surfaces that fit every project. We supply rare species, modified wood surfaces and exclusive decorative wood veneers for building, automotive, nautic and furniture sectors all over the world.