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Oak Mooring Fumé

Mooring Fumé Oak

This beautiful log is in a class by itself. It is a Oak Crown Cut that has been smoked to enhance the natural contrast between heartwood and sapwood. The result is a unique decorative pattern produced by the double bending of the original log which could be described as a wild Oak. This pattern is a suggestive design that might remember to diferent decorative patterns such as dancing human figures or burning flames.

Mooring Fumé Oak

Understanding the Oak Mooring Fumé

Despite of not being a straight tree, the straight cut of the log shows sapwood shaking along the lenght of the tree. The lighter colour of the sapwood moves from the outside to the inside of the bundles, drawing nice figures along the length of the veneer.

In addition to this, the Fumé treatment contrasts the colour difference and defines a darker and warmer tone that conserves all the refinements of the natural oak texture. Thanks to this treatment, the general tone is also softer, more reddish and glossier. As a result of this, Oak Mooring Fumé is a unique material for decorative purposes.

Mooring Fumé Oak

Oak Mooring Fumé: just a luxury veneer

Oak Mooring Fumé veneer is a luxury wood, a semiprecious veneer for special purposes. It is the perfect choice for unique furniture and spaces that aim to get distinction. It must be used in compliance with the beautiful figures that naturally forms the sapwood along the length of the tree.

Mooring Fumé Oak

CHANNEL VENEERS offers this special reference to its best customers. As the final pattern depends from vagaries of nature, this rare reference might not be produced continuously and can’t be found in its catalogue. For further information related to rare veneers, please contact directly with the company.

Cities - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

FSC- Forest Stewardship Council

IUCN - International Union for Conservation of Nature

PEFC - Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

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