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Mukali Crown Cut

Mukali Crown Cut

Mukali Crown Cut.

Mukali, also known as Aningre or Anegre, grows in East and West of Africa, with a scarce export.

Mukali wood changes from yellowish white to a pale pink brown. The sapwood is not differentiated. It has a straight fibre or slightly interlocked.

It is a soft and porous wood, with medium weight, fine grane and medium texture. Due to this, it has a quite difficult machining .

Usually, Mukali is used for plywood, joinery and cabinetmaking, furniture, decorative recover, and of course, decorative veneer.

Shiny Natural Veneer.

Crown cut shows us the first bundles from a log because it is sliced over the heart. That produces the so-called cathedral structure, so much sought after in crown cut bundles and that raises its natural essence.

Plainness is the best quality of this wood veneer, reason why it is a very good choice for rustic or countryenvironment. Actually, it is a very good option for almost all decoration atmosphere and design, because it is able to get very different sensations, depending the way you combine it, or the finishing you choose.

Mukali Crown Cut Veneer reach a charming welcoming home. The light colour will create a calm and quiet view. Perfect for country- style, you will find a friend to refresh any aged look. It will provide you a warm and soft wood finishing.


Cities - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

PEFC - Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

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