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Larch Quarter Cut Fumé Rustic

Quarter Cut Fumé Rustic Larch

Thanks to its contrasted and warm colours, Larch Quarter Cut Fumé Rustic is the natural choice for those elements and spaces that should look simultaneously rare and cozy. In addition to it´s special colour, the selection of rustic logs makes possible to offer an eye-catching figure that fits perfectly to countryside luxury spaces such as hotels and restaurants. The glossiness of this veneer also contributes to define a very valuable wood texture. Moreover, the sweetness of the brown tones gain through the fumé treatment makes this veneer to be different and unique.

Quarter Cut Fumé Rustic Larch

Not just Larch wood veneer

Common larch is a well know conifer in the family of Pinaceae. Larch trees grow in the boreal forests of Russia, Canada and Scandinavia. They have large and straight trunks and it´s lumber is appreciated for being dense and having a good rot resistance. Larch heartwood ranges from yellow to reddish brown while sapwood is nearly white. That difference makes possible beautiful decorative effects.

Since 2012, CHANNEL VENEERS is pleased to offer Larch veneer with an exclusive finishing that enhances the natural appeal that wood. The company has developed the fumé technique over Larch veneers defining an exclusive product. Due to the innovative treatment, Larch heartwood becomes darker while sapwood remains clear. Therefore the wood looks much contrasted, the tone is sweeter and the general texture is glossier. As a result of this it is possible to offer a new and eye-catching Larch veneer.

Quarter Cut Fumé Rustic Larch

Larch Quarter Cut Fumé Rustic in production

CHANNEL VENEERS currently produces Larch Quarter Cut Fumé Rustic in a wide range of formats that mostly depend on the availability of the required special rustic logs. The company is able to supply any amount of this reference being also possible to satisfy any specification related to the length or width of the required bundles. For further information on this singular product, please contact directly with the company.

Cities - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

IUCN - International Union for Conservation of Nature

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