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Larch Quarter Cut Fumé

Larch  Quarter Cut Fume

Larch Quarter Cut Fumé

Larch Quarter Cut is also known as SiberianLarch or Japanesse Larch. This tree needs severe winters to its optimun development, reason why it is common in cold mountains weather.

The trees are unusual for a conifer in that they shed their leaves in Autumn. They can reach heights of up to 40 metres and live for 200 years or more. Commercially felled trees however are usually far younger.

Distinguished classical wood.

For a species that is associated by many people with garden sheds and other wooden outbuildings, good examples of Larch veneer are surprisingly elegant for a softwood.

The warm colour combined with annual growth rings that are usually strongly defined gives the veneer a distinctive look.

Fumed Larch is also available, the veneer reacting to the process by darkening to varying deeper shades of golden brown to dark red-brown whilst still retaining its attractive character.

Our Fumé Finishing is got by a smoked treatment. It is a special unique process, developed by ourselves. It is important to emphasize that this process is made sheet by sheet in autoclave with high pressure and short process (less than 24 hours), amonia neutralisation in the same process, remeasuring, relabelling and the possibility to test samples of every log to anticipate the result of each log after smoking.

The Quarter cut Larch shows us a very straight pattern with fine and soft grain. It is a very different and distinguished look. It is perfect for representative environments or elements, that are wanted to be noted.

Cities - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

IUCN - International Union for Conservation of Nature

PEFC - Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

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