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Iroko Quarter Cut

Iroko Quarter Cut

Iroko Quarter Cut

Iroko is an African tree, mostly from Central and East Africa. It is also Known as American Teak.

Due to its abundance and being a hardwood, Iroko is used as construction wood in boat-building and for furniture, in its origin country.

Nowadays, Iroko is being very demanded in Europe, used mainly to furniture parquet flooring and outdoor terraces, because of its durability. In fact, it is known as a substitute for teak, which it resembles both in colour (light brown to deep golden-brown) and in grain. One of the most important advantages of Iroko is dimensions and widths.

Common luxury

Iroko sapwood is yellowish white and sharply demarcated from the heartwood, which is pale yellowish brown to dark chocolate brown, darkening with age, with light markings occurring most conspicuously on flat-sawn surfaces.

The grain of Iroko veneer is typically interlocked or crossed and lighter markings are associated with vessel lines on crown cut veneers, while quarter cut Iroko veneers usually have a widely spaced striped figure.

The texture is medium to moderately coarse.

With Iroko quarter veneer is perfect for any kind of design, specially if you need a courteous but home-loving mixed with.


Cities - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

PEFC - Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

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