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Ash Crown Cut Feelwood Avellana

Ash Crown Cut Feelwood Horizontal Hazelnut MBF 102

Ash Crown Cut Feelwood Avellana.

Ash is found all around Europe, including British Islands, North Africa and East Asia. It has a steady forest area and steady export too.

The wood color is white pearled, that sometimes can become rosy. Ash structure is well defined by its clearly demarcated rings. Its grain texture is severely striped or patterned. Its unprocessed natural color is of a shining yellowish white.

Ash wood is hard and steady and it has excellent resistance properties. The surface treatment requires a lot of technical expertise and knowledge.

Due to this, Ash is among the favourite woods in furniture making. As for interiors decorations it is mainly used for large-surfaced walls and ceiling coverings, as well as for built-in furniture.

New natural and warm tone.

Crown cut shows us the first bundles from a log because it is sliced over the heart. That produces the so-called cathedral structure, so much sought after in crown cut bundles and that raises its natural essence.Ash veneers is mainly used for fine furniture components and for high quality interior decorations.

Feelwood involves a specific proccess, is known as rough cut and due to its effect brings a new texture in two senses, as a sense of touch and also visual. This increase even more the huge versatility at any application that this veneer can achieve.

Ash Crown Cut Feelwood Horizontal Avellana is also a dyed veneer. This procedure allows to eliminate hue variations when is used veneers from differents logs. As a result is achieved a veneer with tone, brightness and saturation homogeneous in all the sheet.

Furthermore, is important to know that as the veneer is dyed in all its thickness and not only on the surface, this allow to sand the veneer without changing its colour.

The result of all this complex processes is a very decorative veneer, due to its new natural tone and texture. This turns it on a very home-loving and quite warm sensation to suit at every space.

Ash Crown Cut Feelwood Horizontal Hazelnut MBF 112

Ash Crown Cut Feelwood Horizontal Hazelnut MBF 112


Cities - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

FSC- Forest Stewardship Council

IUCN - International Union for Conservation of Nature

PEFC - Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

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